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Question 1   What are the Christian names of the Andrews Sisters?
Answer   1   LaVerne, Maxene and Patty - from Mick Winn, 6th February

Question 2 is the Double Letter Quiz. This is a series of similar puzzles that may be answered individually.
All the answers consist of two words beginning with the same letter (currently M) possibly linked by and/of/the etc. More will be added.

Question 2 and Answers



Q2.115 Source of electricity
A.      Power Point
Julie Salter 28 August
Q2.116 Not Esso Blue
A.      Pink Paraffin
Neve Salter 28 August
That's the end of the Ps. From Q2.117 look for two words beginning with M
Q2.117 Even he got a star in
the Hollywood Walk of Fame
A.      Mickey Mouse
Barry Summerfield 6 September
Q2.118 Outstanding feature
of the medieval world
A.      Mappa Mundi
Barry Summerfield 17 September
Q2.119 Alec's British classic
A.      Morris Minor
Barry Summerfield 6 September
Q2.120 Time can't erase the memory of
A.      Magic Moments
Barry Summerfield 17 September
Q2.121 Cheeky Fellow
A.      Max Miller
Neve Salter
Alan Greengrass
10 September
Q2.122 AKA Mrs Hood
A.      Maid Marion
Neve Salter
Alan Greengrass
10 September
Q2.123 Helps find me a find
A.      Match Maker
Neve Salter 21 September
Q2.124 Fictional sleuth
A.      Miss Marple
Barry Summerfield 17 September
Q2.125 Out of place in "Come Dancing"?
A.      Morris Men
Barry Summerfield 12 October
Q2.126 Swamp weds precious metal
A.      Marsh Marigold
Julie Salter 24 September
Q2.127 You could be seeing things!
A.      Magic Mushrooms
Laurie Thompson 3 October
Q2.128 Robert Preston?
A.      Music Man
Neve Salter
Barry Summerfield
1 October
Q2.129 Good enough to sell ice to eskimos?
A.      Marketing Man
No Winner
Q2.130 Pin her up
A.      Marilyn Monroe
Neve Salter 8 October
Q2.131 Buy your cash here
A.      Money Market
Neve Salter 10 October
Q2.132 Label on a hero?
A.      Military Medal
Barry Summerfield 16 October
Q2.133 Potty Branning
A.      Mad Max
Barry Summerfield 17 October
Q2.134 Secret society
A.      Molly Maguires
No Winner
Q2.135 Talks fast
A.      Motor Mouth
Barry Summerfield 22 October
Q2.136 Seasonal homicides
A.      Midsomer Murders
Barry Summerfield
Julie Salter
22 October
Q2.137 Not to be hurried
A.      Murray Mint
No Winner
Q2.138 USAF B26 WW2
A.      Martin Marauder
Barry Summerfield 29 October
Q2.139 Here I go again. From?
A.      Mamma Mia
No Winner
Q2.140 Everybody Welcome
A.      More the Merrier
Barry Summerfield 19 November
Q2.141 Maritime Malaise
A.      Mal de Mer
Julie Salter
30 November
Q2.142 A Perfect Fit
A.      Made to Measure
Barry Summerfield 19 November
Q2.143 Playing the fool, on TV
A.      Muffin the Mule
Alan Greengrass 5 December
Q2.144 Girl with an arachnidial problem
A.      Miss Muffet
Barry Summerfield 26 November
Q2.145 a.k.a. The Quiet Man
A.      Marion Morrison
Alan Greengrass 3 December
Q2.146 Star of TW3
A.      Millicent Martin
Alan Greengrass 3 December
Q2.147 Ghoulish Dance
A.      Monster Mash
Alan Greengrass 3 December
Q2.148 Grammatical error
A.      Mixed Metaphor
Alan Greengrass 21 December
Q2.149 Super Mickey
A.      Mighty Mouse
Alan Greengrass 20 December
Q2.150 Complaining women
A.      Moaning Minnies
Barry Summerfield 11 December
Q2.151 Big fellow
A.      Man Mountain
Alan Greengrass 20 December
Q2.152 HM at Xmas
Q2.153 Not for Xmas pies
Q2.154 An instant to regret at Xmas party
Q2.155 Too late for Xmas devotions
That's the end of the Ms. From Q2.156 back to looking for two words beginning with P
Q2.156 A gym instructor will set you one
A.      Personal Programme
Julie Salter 9 February
Q2.157 A place on the body to apply force
A.      Pressure Point
Julie Salter 8 February
Q2.158 Human strength
A.      People Power
Julie Salter 8 February
Q2.159 Thanksgiving food
A.      Pumpkin Pie
Julie Salter 11 February
Q2.160 Telegram character
A.      Postman Pat
Julie Salter 11 February
Q2.161 Flowers in the house
A.      Pot Plant
Julie Salter 11 February
Q2.162 Ideal musical tone
A.      Pitch Perfect
Julie Salter 13 February
Q2.163 Children's TV puppets
A.      Pinky and Perky
Julie Salter 13 February
Q2.164 Received for working
A.      Pay Packet
Julie Salter 14 February
Q2.165 Contains a child
A.      Play Pen
Neve Salter 15 February
Q2.166 Musical Instrument
A.      Pan Pipes
Julie Salter 16 February
Q2.167 Sound of Raindrops
A.      Pitter Patter
Julie Salter 18 February
Q2.168 Advantage at start of race
A.      Pole Position
Julie Salter 20 February
Q2.169 Too much exercise
A.      Puff and Pant
Julie Salter 24 February
That's the end of the Ps. From Q2.170 we're looking for two words beginning with S
Q2.170 Asked to taste the wares
A.      Simple Simon
Julie Salter 31 May
Q2.171 A weighty way to cross
A.      Stepping Stones
Julie Salter 1 June
Q2.172 Seemingly a four sided triangle
A.      Set Square
Julie Salter 5 June
Q2.173 A date in June
A.      Summer Solstice
Julie Salter 6 June
Q2.174 Hush Hush
A.      Secret Service
Julie Salter 8 June
Q2.175 Road to Ruin
A.      Slippery Slope
Neve Salter 10 June
Q2.176 Up down round and round
A.      Spiral Staircase
Julie Salter 12 June
Q2.177 Miserable two score days
A.      St. Swithin
Neve Salter 13 June
Q2.178 Astronomical group
A.      Seven Sisters
A win for Quizmaster Barry! 24 June
Q2.179 Movie Time
A.      Silver Screen
Julie Salter 27 June
Q2.180 In the drinks cabinet
A.      Soda Syphon
Julie Salter 28 June
Q2.181 It's Heliocentric
A.      Solar System
Julie Salter 29 June
Q2.182 Gone in a flash, not the first
A.      Split Second
Julie Salter 1 July
Q2.183 A fine cut for a Knight
A.      Sirloin Steak
Neve Salter 2 July
Q2.184 One out, all out
A.      Shop Steward
Neve Salter 6 July
Q2.185 Hard luck mate!
A.      Short Straw
A win for Quizmaster Barry! 21 July
Q2.186 Intuition, after the 5th.
A.      Sixth Sense
Julie Salter 22 July
Q2.187 Doesn't rust
A.      Stainless Steel
Julie Salter 23 July
Q2.188 No assistance
A.      Self Service
Julie Salter 26 July
Q2.189 Russ Conway classic
A.      Side Saddle
Julie Salter 27 July
Q2.190 Sewing military Shirts
A.      Sister Susie
Julie Salter 29 July

Question 3   What is the connection between "House of the rising sun" sung by The Animals, and the hymn "There is a green hill far away"
Answer   3.   They use the same tune!   From Mick Winn  12 March  (Quizmaster says that is not exactly correct, Mick. More precision, anyone?)
12 May. Mick Winn has now got it. Each can be sung to the tune of the other!

Question 4.   This is a variation of the Little Grey Cells daily exercise. Produce expressions that use exactly eight 8s to make 1000
In addition to ()or{},÷, x, +, -,you may use ^ for 'to the power of' and decimal points.
There are at least eight solutions and we will record each received. Anonymity is allowed, but discouraged!
Answers 4.
(i)   8x{8x(8+8)-(8÷8)}-(8+8) From Neve Salter 9 April. That's novel, Neve! That means there's still at least 8 more.
(ii)  8x{8x(8+8)-(8+8+8)÷8} From Neve again 10 April.
(iii) {8+(8+8)÷8}^{(8+8+8)÷8} Another from Neve 11 April
(iv)  {[(8x8x8)-8]x[(8+8)÷8]-8 Neve again 14 April Another novel solution, so still at least 6 more
(v) 8x[(8x8)+(8x8)]-{8+8+8] This one from Julie Salter, 14 April, also novel so still at least 6 more
(vi) {[(8+8)-8÷(8+8)]x(8x8)}+8 An extraordinary effort from Neve 17 April. 6 more still -minimum
(vii) (8+8)x[(8x8)-{(8+8)÷8}]+8 An 'official' answer from Neve, 21 April, leaving 5 more ('official') and many others
(viii) [(8x8)-.8-.8+.8÷8]x(8+8) Another imaginative original from Neve, 28 April, 5 to go still.
There are at least three more expressions far simpler than any of (i) to (viii), above
(ix) 8x[8x(8+8)-(8+8)÷8]-8 Yes, very simple from Neve, 7th May,but not on the list - still 5 more
After a bit of a lay-off, Neve is back - with no less than 4 of the remaining 'official' answers. Only one left
(x) 888+88+8+8+8 There - as straightforward as they get - Neve 5 October
(xi) (8888-888)÷8 Equally straightforward - Neve again 5 October
(xii) (888-8)+8x(8+8)-8 They are getting even more simple - Neve 5 October
(xiii) 8888÷8.888 An afterthought from Neve. Simplest of them all, he says - 6 October
(xiv) 888+{(8+8)x(8-8÷8)} Finally! The last solution sought - Neve again, 10 October

Question 5.   Make sense of the following passage by replacing each of the 20 spaces with a musical instrument.
In some cases a good dose of phonetic/poetic licence is required. 15 or more would be a good score.
Answers as they come to you before 31st July please. List of solutions and winners early August.

Joe and Anna lived in (1) in Scotland. One night Joe brushed his teeth and put away the (2) toothpaste. He felt in his pocket but all he could find was his (3) donor card. Can you lend me a (4) piece? he asked. I want to phone Monica and (5) up some enthusiam for my new band. Oh don't (6) on about that said Anna You are always blowing your own (7) Besides, the phone has been diconnected In fact they had (8) bills that haven't been paid. I am going out said Joe, he got his keys from the (9). Out in the street a car (10) blew. Over by the icecream shop he saw Monica eating a (11) Monica made a joke and Joe laughed and said (12). It was a classical love (13) but Monica knew Joe was a (14) and a cheat. She remembered when he worked in a shop selling percussion intstruments and used to (15). He also used to (16) the books and make off with the (17) until his boss found out and had to (18) from the shop. Will you sing in my new band asked Joe we are going to (19) new hit song. Only if you (20) key because I can't sing high said Monica.

Answers 5.
Joe and Anna lived in Fife in Scotland. One night Joe brushed his teeth and put away the tuba toothpaste. He felt in his pocket but all he could find was his organ donor card. Can you lend me a timpani piece? he asked. I want to phone Monica and drum up some enthusiam for my new band. Oh don't harp on about that said Anna You are always blowing your own trumpet. Besides, the phone has been disconnected In fact they had saxaphone bills that haven't been paid. I am going out said Joe, he got his keys from the keyboard. Out in the street a car horn blew. Over by the icecream shop he saw Monica eating a cornet Monica made a joke and Joe laughed and said harmonica. It was a classical love triangle but Monica knew Joe was a lyre and a cheat. She remembered when he worked in a shop selling percussion intstruments and used to steel bands. He also used to fiddle the books and make off with the lute until his boss found out and had to banjo from the shop. Will you sing in my new band asked Joe we are going to recorder new hit song. Only if you piccolo key because I can't sing high said Monica.

Congratulations to both Julie Salter who submitted a solution with 18/20 correct on 13 July, and to Alan Greengrass who was first in a day earlier, but with 17/20. Curiously they had a 100% accurate solution between them!

Question 6.   Here are ten clues, the answers to which have something in common,
but Q.5 demonstrated what a clever lot you are so we're not telling what it is

Answers as they come to you before 30th September please. List of solutions and winners early October.

  1. Put this in your engine in severe weather?
  2. Invoice for eating implement
  3. Sounds like a ring
  4. Get your head out of the way for an orange
  5. A pastime
  6. Medieval Magician
  7. Cat arising from its slumbers?
  8. Arrange a kebab on this
  9. Is this what William shaves with?
  10. Regal angler
  1. Storm(y) Petrel
  2. Spoonbill
  3. Cygnet
  4. Mandarin Duck
  5. Hobby
  6. Merlin
  7. Kittiwake
  8. Skua
  9. Razorbill
  10. Kingfisher

Answers 6.
Congratulations to Alan Greengrass who provided 9/10 correct answers early on. Well done also to Neve Salter who got the same score.
Curiously, they both volunteered the plausible but incorrect answer of 'buzzard' to number 3.

Question 7
Which is the odd man out among the following numbers, and why?
(i) 154;671;273;550;462;385;792.
(ii) 532;660;414;752;835;707;963.
(iii) 12;200;31;121;68
Answers 7.
(i) 273 is the exception to the rule that the centre digit is the sum of the other two - Neve Salter 8 October.
(ii) 414 is the exception to the rule that the first digit is the sum of the other two - Julie Salter 12 October.
(iii) Each number is of the form (n^3)+4, except 121 which is 5^3 - 4
Question 8.   Here are ten more birds to identify. List of solutions and winners in couple of weeks.

  1. Timber nibbler, but not so often
  2. Royal Naval College planner
  3. In a strong wind, after dark
  4. Celebration flags
  5. Too bright to knock in nails?
  6. Collecting blackberries
  7. Soviet election
  8. Car lift in front of the entrance
  9. Found at the corner of a games board
  10. For nocturnal jam
  1. Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
  2. Wren
  3. Nightingale
  4. Bunting
  5. Yellow Hammer
  6. Brambling
  7. Red Poll
  8. Jackdaw
  9. Rook
  10. Nightjar

Congratulations to both Julie Salter and Alan Greengrass, who each got 9/10 correct.

Question 9
Where is this? (The answers are all place names.)
1. Type of cereal
2. The lady has a ticket to get here
3. Bank up the fire
4. Not a Northern finished
5. Cockney bank robber
6. Beach, jewellery and meat
7. A bird on the ocean
8. In a sewing kit
9. Worn when cold
10. Keeps the sheep in
11. Don't swim here
12. Literacy skill
13. Ducal Hill walker
14. Needed to watch soccer
15. Peoples pebble
16. Confession of a conman
17. Not used as protections up North
18. Occidental place of worship
19. Cattle crossing
20. Ginger lady
21. An agreement
22. Ruins the bacon
23. What the skipper needs
24. Scarlet Vehicle
25. Not nice to be sent here
26. Labour Leader in town
27. Twist in Bacon
28. Horse gait in ground
29. Lions Church
30. Straight line
31. Shine up
32. Cat's paw
33. Person leaving
34. Smaller than Southampton
35. One applying shiny metal surface
36. Advise Henry
37. The meal was left
38. Ruddy trench
39. Environmentally aware hag
40. Oxonian sleuth
1. Rye (Julie Salter, 11 February)
2. Ryde (Julie Salter, 11 February)
3. Stoke (Julie Salter, 14 February)
4. Southend (Julie Salter, 14 February)
5. Andover (Julie Salter, 16 February)
6. Sandringham (Julie Salter, 18 February)
7. Swansea (Julie Salter, 19 February)
8. Needles (Julie Salter, 20 February)
9. Jersey (Julie Salter, 21 February)
10. Ramsgate (Julie Salter, 22 February)
11. Blackpool (Julie Salter, 4 March)
12. Reading (Julie Salter, 5 March)
13. York (Julie Salter, 6 March)
14. Skye (Neve Salter, 7 March)
15. Folkestone (Julie Salter, 8 March)
16. Amersham (Neve Salter, 11 March)
17. South Shields (Julie Salter, 12 March)
18. Westminster (Alan Greengrass, 13 March)
19. Oxford (Neve Salter, 13 March)
20. Redruth (Julie Salter, 14 March)
21. Deal (Julie Salter, 15 March)
22. Burnham (or Wrexham) (Julie Salter, 16 March)
23. Crewe (Julie Salter, 18 March)
24. Redcar (Julie Salter, 19 March, who pipped Alan Greengrass)
25. Coventry (Julie Salter, 25 March)
26. Edinburgh (Julie Salter, 27 March)
27. Nottingham (Neve Salter, 28 March)
28. Canterbury (Julie Salter, 29 March)
29. Leominster (Neve Salter, 30 March)
30. Truro (a win for Quizmaster Barry!)
31. Brighton (Neve Salter, 19 April)
32. Felixstowe (Neve Salter, 20 April)
33. Exeter (a win for Quizmaster Barry!)
34. Littlehampton (Julie Salter, 30 April)
35. Cromer (Neve Salter, 2 May)
36. Telford (Neve Salter, 3 May)
37. Nuneaton (Julie Salter, 4 May)
38. Redditch (Julie Salter, 6 May)
39. Greenwich (Julie Salter, 22 May)
40. Lewes (Neve Salter, 23 May)

Question 10
Carla is married to Edward, Tracy is married to Michael, Barbara is married to Robert, Stella is married to Steven. Who is married to Christopher: Rosemary or Stephanie and why?
Solved by: Julie Salter, 24 February
Answer: The third letter of each woman's name is the same as the fifth letter of each man's name, so Rosemary is married to Christopher.

Question 11
ADVERB, CARBON, CHOICE, ERASED, SURVEY. Which one of the following words belongs in this list and why? CRATER, INCOME, LATEST, LENGTH, SCENIC.
Solved by: Neve Salter, 1 March
Answer: The second and fourth letters of each of the first set of words are consecutive, so INCOME.

Question 12
Leonard is 15, Darren is 18, Desmond is 19, Matthew is 20, Stuart is 21. How old is Raymond?
Solved by: Julie Salter, 2 March
Answer: The letters in each person's name have a numerical value A-Z=1-26. The third letter of each name is equal to each person's age, so Raymond is 25.

Question 13
Seven friends each has a home aquarium and each aquarium contains a different number of tropical fish. Bill has four times as many fish as Angela, who has three times as many fish as Carol, who has ten fewer fish than Colin, who has a third as many fish as Jenny, who has twice as many fish as Jamie who has twice as many fish as Brian. How many fish has each person got if the total number of fish is 107?
Solved by: Neve Salter, 8 April
Answer: Jenny 36, Bill 24, Jamie 18, Colin 12, Brian 9, Angela 6, Carol 2.

Question 14

In 1895 the Sullivan brothers opened their first opal mine in Australia. By 1915 they had six mines in different locations. Can you match each map location (A-F), with the name of the mine, the year it was opened and weight of the largest opal discovered at each mine?
Years opened:1895, 1899, 1903, 1908, 1910, 1915
Opal weights:352gms, 395gms, 428gms, 480gms, 515gms, 552gms
1. The opal weighing 552gms was discovered at either location D or Tullaroo (which was opened either four years before or four years after the mine at location B).
2. The opal found in 1908 weighed more than the one mined at Marraville (which isn't location A) and less than the mine at location F (which was opened five years before the mine at location E).
3. Larradoo mine is located due north of the one opened in 1895.
4. The gem weighing 480gms wasn't discovered at Warrengo (which is located due south of the mine opened in 1910 where the opal weighing 428gms was found).
5. The opal weighing 395gms was found at Karoomba which is located somewhere east of at least one of the other mines.
6. Barrabilly isn't the most westerly mine and was opened four years later than the mine at location C.
Solved by: Neve Salter, 10 April

Question 15 The So Kool Record company recently held auditions across the country to find four singers to form a new band. The four guys chosen are now super-stars but can you work out each guy's previous day job, his age (19,20,21,22) and home town?
1. Greg is exactly two years younger or older than the guy from Cleveland who used to be a truck driver.
2. Either Darren or the guy from Seattle (who may or may not be Patrick) used to deliver pizzas.
3. The guy from New York is younger than Daniel but older than the one who used to be a carpenter.
4. The 22 year old from San Francisco isn't the one who used to be a waiter.
Solved by: Neve Salter, 11 April

Question 15 Professor Melvin Murdoch has recently returned from South America where he acquired a number of fine butterfly specimens. The nine butterflies pictured below are of the following varieties: The Double-Spotted (nos 1, 4 and 9), the Greater-Striped (nos 2, 6 and 7) and the Many-Speckled (nos 3, 5 and 8). Can you match the position of each butterfly with its country of origin and the name of the fellow enthusiast it was purchased from?
1. Professor Murdoch acquired two specimens of the same variety of butterfly from fellow enthusiasts in Bolivia and Brazil.
2. The butterfly from Peru is pictured either immediately above or immediately below the one purchased from Mr Peiro.
3. One of the Greater-Striped butterflies is from Chile and is pictured to the right of and immediately next to the butterfly obtained from Mrs Fernandez.
4. The Double-Spotted butterfly bought from Mr De Falla is pictured immediately next to a Many-Speckled butterfly (acquired in Ecuador).
5. The Many-Speckled butterfly from Paraguay is pictured immediately next to the butterfly from Bolivia. The specimen purchased from Mrs Gilberto is pictured at position No 6.
6. The butterfly from Argentina is pictured immediately above the one purchased from Mr Bonares (which is immediately to the left of the one bought from Mr Gomez) and all three butterflies are of different varieties.
7. The butterfly purchased from Mr Valduz and the butterfly from Venezuela are of different varieties and one is pictured immediately below the other.
8. The butterfly from Uruguay is on the same vertical line but not immediately above or below the one from Mr Mendez (which is on the same horizontal line but not immediately next to the butterfly purchased from Mr Garcia (which isn't one of the Many-Speckled variety).

Solved by: Neve Salter, 12 April

Question 16 The 50-50 Cocktail Bar is famous for its choice of fifty different cocktails - each named for a US state. Five friends are each having a different cocktail (one is a Nevada Knockout). The drinks are shown lined up on the bar. Can you match each cocktail with its position (1-5) and the person who ordered it?

1. The Kentucky Kick cocktail, ordered by a woman, is No 3 and is between Darlene's drink and the Washington Whammy.
2. The Alabama Slammer is pictured immediately right of Dan's cocktail.
3. Carrie's cocktail is someway right of Stella's drink (which isn't immediately next to Greg's cocktail which is immediately left of the Colorado Cliffhanger).
Solved by: Julie Salter, 14 April
1. Nevada Knockout - Greg
2. Colorado Cliffhanger - Darlene
3. Kentucky Kick - Stella
4. Washington Whammy - Dan
5. Alabama Slammer - Carrie

Question 17 Three members of the Maidstone Horology Society have just returned from a holiday in Switzerland where they each purchased a handmade cuckoo clock. Can you work out where each person bought their clock, the name of the clockmaker and how much each clock cost? The clock prices were £100, £120, £150.
1. Gloria Greene didn't buy the cheapest clock and it wasn't the one manufactured by Franz Geisser.
2. The clock bought in Geneva was manufactured by Hans Bruckner and was cheaper than the one bought by Wilbur Watson.
3. Trudie Tipler didn't buy her cuckoo clock in Zurich.
4. The most expensive clock was purchased in Zermatt but wasn't the one manufactured by Herman Finkel.
Solved by: Julie Salter, 15 April
Gloria Greene, Zurich, Herman Finkel, £120
Trudie Tipler, Geneva, Hans Bruckner, £100
Wilbur Watson, Zermatt, Franz Geisser, £150

Question 18 Six horses were entered in the 2.30 at Derbyville today. Three of the horses were fillies and three were colts (one of which was Mister Magic). Can you match the horses and riders and work out where each horse finished?
1. The horse ridden by Kelly didn't finish last. The one ridden by O'Shea wasn't first but finished immediately ahead of Birthday Boy.
2. The horse that finished last has a name which starts with the same initial as the colt (ridden by Riley), who didn't finish fourth.
3. Lucky Lady finished some way ahead of the colt Jones was riding.
4. Likely Lad finished some way behind the horse ridden by Davis whose horse finished two or three places ahead of Bonnie Lass.
5. Golden Girl finished either three places ahead or three places behind the one ridden by Murray.
Solved by: Neve Salter, 17 April
1st. Lucky Lady, Kelly
2nd. Mister Magic, Jones
3rd. Golden Girl, Davis
4th. Likely Lad, O'Shea
5th. Birthday Boy, Riley
6th. Bonnie Lass, Murray

Question 19

The four islands in the Tropicana group each produce a different type of fruit. Can you match each island name with the type of fruit produced, the island population (293, 305, 328, 402) and its location (A-D) in the chain?
1. The Kolahani islanders inhabit the island west of but not immediately next to Holahu island. Holahu doesn't produce bananas or pineapples and has a higher population than Wahani island.
2. Molaku island isn't the one with a population of 293, nor is it the one immediately next to the island with a population of 293.
3. The islanders who grow bananas inhabit the island east of but not immediately next to the island of Kolahani.
4. The island at location D isn't the one with the highest population.
5. Molaku island (which isn't the one at location B) is the next island due west of the one where papaya fruit is grown.
6. The islanders who grow coconuts don't inhabit the island immediately next to the one where bananas are grown.
Solved by: Neve Salter, 10 May

Question 20
Megabucks Studios produced four films last year. Can you match the name of each actor with the type of film he starred in, the film location, the month it was released (one was released in July) and the amount each film grossed (£9m, £11m, £12m, £15m)?
1. The film shot in Los Angeles was released later in the year than the comedy film.
2. Nick Page was the star of the film which grossed more than the horror film but less than at least one of the other films.
3. The film released in March grossed £1m or £2m more or £1m or £2m less than one starring Steve Connelly (whose film either grossed £12m or was released in May).
4. The science fiction film (not released in October) didn't gross as much as the film shot in New York (which was the one released either three months before or three months after the film starring Will Bryce).
5. The action film was released later in the year than the one which grossed £11m and earlier in the year than the film shot in Boston.
6. The film starring Tom Rowe grossed either £2m or £3m more than the one filmed in Las Vegas.
Solved by: Neve Salter, 18 May
Nick Page - comedy - Las Vegas - March - £12m
Steve Connelly - science fiction - Los Angeles - May - £11m
Tom Rowe - action - New York - July - £15m
Will Bryce - horror - Boston - October - £9m

Question 21
Three friends from different villages in Austria are members of the same Oompah band. Can you work out the age of each man (39, 40, 42), his occupation (one is a farmer), the instrument he plays and the name of his village (one is Obersdorf)?
1. Boris (who isn't the hotel keeper) is older than the tuba player (who isn't from the village of Alpensee).
2. The man who plays the flugelhorn isn't the oldest band member.
3. The man aged 40 is from a village with the same initial letter as the village the accordion player comes from.
4. The policeman is younger than Wilhelm.
5. The man from Ottenbach is either the youngest or the oldest and may or may not be Walter.
Solved by: Neve Salter, 28 May
Boris, 42, farmer, accordion, Ottenbach
Walter, 39, policeman, flugelhorn, Alpensee
Wilhelm, 40, hotel keeper, tuba, Obersdorf

Question 22
Five stray dogs were picked up by animal welfare officers on different days of the week (Monday-Friday) and taken to the Kennelmore Dog's Home. All five dogs were re-homed on different days of the following week (Monday-Friday). No dog was taken to the dog's home on the same day of the week it was re-homed. (eg The dog picked up on Monday wasn't re-homed on the following Monday). Can you match each breed of dog with its name, the day of the week it was first picked up, the day it was re-homed and the name of its new owner?
1. The collie (who isn't called Marty) was taken to the dog's home on Tuesday. Mrs O'Keefe re-homed one of the dogs on Thursday.
2. The dalmatian was re-homed the day before the dog Mr Morgan re-homed and earlier in the week than the dog Mr Perry re-homed but later in the week than Geordie was re-homed.
3. The dog which was taken to the dog's home the day before Marty was taken in, was re-homed by Mrs Tilley.
4. The alsatian was taken to the dog's home on an earlier day of the week than the day in the following week when a lady re-homed the retriever.
5. Miss Kirby re-homed one of the dogs two days earlier than the day in the previous week when Barney was taken into the dog's home.
6. Dandy was taken into the home a day later in the week than the day in the following week when Mr Morgan re-homed a dog.
7. Yorkie the terrier was taken to the dog's home earlier in the week than the alsatian.
Solved by: Neve Salter, 8 August

Question 23
A numeric sudoku test for you:-

Solved by: Julie and Neve Salter (separately!), 9 August

Question 24
Another numeric sudoku test for you:-

Solved by: Julie and Neve Salter (separately!), 10 August

Question 25
Another numeric sudoku test for you:-

Solved by: Julie Salter, 12 August

Question 26
Another numeric sudoku test for you:-

Solved by: Neve Salter, 13 August

Question 27
Another numeric sudoku test for you:-

Solved by: Neve Salter, 14 August

Question 28
Another numeric sudoku test for you:-

Solved by: Neve Salter, 16 August

Question 29
Another numeric sudoku test for you:-

Solved by: Julie Salter, 18 August

Question 30
Another numeric sudoku test for you:-

Solved by: Julie and Neve Salter (separately!), 19 August

Question 31
Another numeric sudoku test for you:-

Solved by: Julie Salter, 20 August

Question 32
Another numeric sudoku test for you:-

Solved by: Julie and Neve Salter (separately!), 21 August

Question 33
Another numeric sudoku test for you:-

Solved by: Julie and Neve Salter (separately!), 25 August

Question 34
Another numeric sudoku test for you:-

Solved by: Julie (then Neve!) Salter, 26 August

Question 35
Another numeric sudoku test for you:-

Solved by: Neve Salter, 27 August

Question 36
Another numeric sudoku test for you:-

Solved by: Neve Salter, 30 August

Question 37
Another numeric sudoku test for you:-

Solved by: Neve Salter, 3 September

Question 38 Fielding College has a fine history of sporting achievement and a number of its major trophies are proudly displayed in the cabinet below. Can you match the position of each trophy (1-9) with the sport it was awarded for and the year it was won?
Years: 1982 1984 1986 1987 1992 1994 1995 1996 1999

1. The rowing trophy was won ten years earlier than the football trophy and both are in opposite diagonal corners.
2. The tennis trophy is right of and immediately next to the trophy won in 1995 which is directly above the trophy won for athletics in 1996.
3. The rugby trophy is immediately next to and left of the cricket trophy which is in the opposite diagonal corner to the trophy won ten years later.
4. The hockey trophy was won four years later than the swimming trophy and both are on the same shelf but not immediately next to each other.
5. The gymnastics trophy (won five years earlier than the one immediately above it) is immediately next to the trophy won two years later.
Solved by: Neve Salter, 6 September

Question 39 Can you find the dogs hidden in the box? They may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal, forwards or backwards.
Hint: there are 39 of them.

Solved by: Julie Salter (36/39), 12 September

Question 40 Can you find the hidden words about the mind, character or personality? They may be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forwards or backwards.
Hint: there are 36 of them.

Solved by: Julie Salter (34/36), 14 September

Question 41 Can you find the hidden Americana words, names or phrases? They may be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forwards or backwards.
Hint: there are 28 of them.

Solved by: Neve Salter, 14 October

Question 42
All of these clues have trichological connections:-
1. "Can do" builder (3)
2. In a Parisian's kilt (6 and 5)
3. Snip for an eight (4 and 3)
4. Very exciting and scary (4 and 7)
5. Part of a cage and half a sweet (6)
6. A firm one is much admired (4)
7. Rule Bines (4 and 5) (Anag.)
8. Aussie's Brit with sound help (6)
9. Sharp Corner (7 and 5)
10. False faeces! (7)
11. Wounded Child (6,3)
12. In the book, son! (4,3)
13. In bread and hair (5)
14. In David's riding school (4,4)
15. Initially come up road laughing (4)
16. Bill and Blade (5)
17. Reversed cricket position (3)
18. Stay calm (4,4,4,2)
19. Horological essential (4,6)
20. Party time (3,4,4,4,)
21. Holy item (3)
22. Court dress (3)
23. The last one to have this cut (7)
24. Barely moves quickly (7)
25. Entertainment beyond this (6)
26. Bmoc (4,4)
27. In a can (5)
28. Unruffled (4,4,1,4)
29. Just missed (5,7)
30. Have a good time (3,4,4,4)
31. Itchy penance (4,5)
32. Not allowed down rabbit hole (5,4)
1. Bob (Julie Salter, 15 October)
2. French pleat (Julie Salter, 16 October)
3. Crew cut (Julie Salter, 17 October)
4. Hair raising (Julie Salter, 19 October)
5. Ribbon (Julie Salter, 22 October)
6. Body (2 November, declared a win for Barry!)
7. Blue Rinse (Neve Salter, 2 November)
8. Pomade (Neve Salter, 4 November)
9. Hairpin Bend (13 November, declared a win for Barry!)
10. Shampoo (Julie Salter, 26 November)
11. Urchin cut (13 December, declared a win for Barry!)
12. Page Boy (Neve Salter, 15 December)
13. Plait (9 January, declared a win for Barry!)
14. Eton crop (Neve Salter, 21 January)
15. Curl (Neve Salter, 30 January)
16. Razor (24 February, declared a win for Barry!)
17. Gel (Neve Salter, 26 February)
18. Keep your hair on (Neve Salter, 28 February)
19. Hair Spring (Neve Salter, 1 March)
20. Let your hair down (Neve Salter, 6 March)
21. Net (17 March, declared a win for Barry!)
22. Wig (Julie Salter, 23 March)
23. Mohican (Neve Salter, 27 March)
24. Streaks (10 April, declared a win for Barry!)
25. Fringe (Neve Salter, 11 April)
26. Back comb (Neve Salter, 14 April)
27. Spray (Julie Salter, 22 April)
28. Don't turn a hair (4 May, declared a win for Barry!)
29. Hair's breadth (Neve Salter, 7 May)
30. Let your hair down (Julie Salter, 9 May)
31. Hair shirt (Julie Salter, 10 May)
32. Alice band (Neve Salter, 14 May)

Question 43
Some "pot luck" quiz questions to keep us going whilst Barry prepares some more questions. We try to avoid questions that may be answered using Google, etc., but these are, so you're on your honour not to!
1. Where in the body is the labyrinth?
Answer: The ear (Neve Salter, 27 November)
2. What is the common name for ascorbic acid?
Answer: Vitamin C (Neve Salter, 28 November)
3. Complete this quotation from Voltaire: 'If God did not exist ...'.
Answer: '... it would be necessary to invent him' (Neve Salter, 2 December)
4. Americans call it a faucet. What do the British call it?
Answer: A tap (Julie Salter, 24 March)
5. How are the first five books of the bible known collectively?
Answer: Pentateuch (Neve Salter, 19 May)
6. Who designed the dome of St. Peter's, Rome?
Answer: Bramante (Julie Salter, 20 May) (Michelangelo also acceptable!)
7. What is the unit of currency in Poland?
Answer: Zloty (Neve Salter, 23 May)
8. Which two elements make up water?
Answer: Hydrogen and Oxygen (1 June, declared a win for Barry!)
9. Who was the captain of The Pequod in Moby Dick?
Answer: Captain Ahab (Neve Salter, 27 July)
10. What colour is a New York taxi?
Answer: Yellow (Julie Salter, 28 July)
11. Which two letters are worth ten points in the board game Scrabble?
Answer: Q and Z (Julie Salter, 29 July)
12. Which useful household item is made from naphthalene?
Answer: Mothballs (Neve Salter, 1 August)
13. What is measured on the Beaufort scale?
Answer: Wind velocity (Julie Salter. 2 August)
14. Which creatures live in a formicary?
Answer: Ants (Julie Salter, 4 August)
15. Which bandleader died in an air crash over the English Channel during World War II?
Answer: Glenn Miller (Neve Salter, 5 August)
16. What is the other name for the Jewish day of Atonement?
Answer: Yom Kippur (Julie Salter, 6 August)
17. What was writer Charles Dodgson's pseudonym?
Answer: Lewis Carroll (Neve Salter, 7 August)
18. If an American footballer talked about his 'zippers' what would he mean?
Answer: Scars (a win for Barry, 17 August)
19. Where would you find the 'ocean of storms'?
Answer: On the moon (Julie Salter, 18 August)
20. What is the pirate's flag with the skull and cross-bones called?
Answer: Jolly Roger (Julie Salter, 19 August)
21. Where is the original Harris tweed spun and woven?
Answer: Outer Hebrides (Julie Salter, 20 August)
22. What do climbers call a peak higher than 914m (3,000 ft)?
Answer: A munro (Neve Salter, 22 August)
23. The famous Gurkha soldiers are known for carrying a particular type of large knife. What is this knife called?
Answer: The kukri (Neve Salter, 23 August)
24. Which bird is the international symbol of happiness?
Answer: Bluebird (Neve Salter, 28 August)
25. What is the centuries old art of clipping hedges into various ornamental shapes traditionally called?
Answer: Topiary (Julie Salter, 29 August)
26. Which 1954 film won Marlon Brando his first best actor award?
Answer: 'On the Waterfront' (Neve Salter, 2 September)
27. In what capacity did Judge Ito become a TV celebrity in the 1990s?
Answer: He was the judge in the OJ Simpson trial. (4 September, declared a win for Barry!)
28. In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, whom did Alice join at a tea party along with the Mad Hatter?
Answer: The March Hare and the Dormouse. (Julie Salter, 29 October)
29. Which of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world stood at Olympus?
Answer: The statue of Zeus. (Neve Salter, 30 October)
30. The film Silkwood was based on a true case about nuclear industry safety hazards. Who played Karen Silkwood?
Answer: Meryl Streep. (4 November, a win for Barry!)
31. Which is the largest joint in the body?
Answer: The knee joint. (Julie and Neve Salter, 9 November)
32. According to the nursery rhyme, who is made from 'sugar and spice and all things nice'?
Answer: little girls. (Neve Salter, 10 November)
33. The backbone is a flexible chain of how many bones?
Answer: 33 or 26: prior to adolescence, the spine consists of 33 bones because the sacrum’s five bones and the coccyx’s four do not fuse together until adolescence when the total becomes 26. (Neve Salter, 11 November)
34. What is the fundamental oath usually associated with doctors?
Answer: Hippocratic Oath. (Julie Salter, 12 November)
35. Which carnivorous animal lives wild in the Australian outback?
Answer: Dingo. (Neve Salter, 16 November)
36. Who was 'The Equalizer' in the popular television series?
Answer: Edward Woodward. (18 November, a win for Barry!)
37. Into which ocean does the Zambezi river flow?
Answer: Indian Ocean. (Julie Salter, 20 November)
38. Where would you normally find a gavel?
Answer: An auction room. (Julie Salter, 22 November)
39. Paul McCartney has always used his middle name, what is his first name?
Answer: James. (Neve Salter, 28 November)
40. Who wrote The Unfinished Symphony?
Answer: Schubert. (Neve Salter, 3 December)
41. Which school did Princess Anne attend?
Answer: Benenden. (Julie and Neve Salter, 8 December)
42. The centaur is a mythological creature, part man and part what?
Answer: horse. (Julie and Neve Salter, 9 December)
43. What was Ringo Starr's original name?
Answer: Richard Starky. (Neve Salter, 18 December)
44. Who said, "If you can count your money, you're not a really rich man"?
Answer: Paul Getty. (Neve Salter, 24 December)
45. To which group of mammals do apes and monkeys belong?
Answer: Primates. (A win for Barry, 5 January)
46. If you saw 'AP' on a print, what exactly would it mean?
Answer: Artist's proof. (Neve Salter, 8 January)
47. They may be complex, vulgar or mixed. What are they?
Answer: Fractions. (Julie Salter, 9 January)
48. In which film did Elvis Presley play the role of a boxer?
Answer: Kid Galahad. (A win for Barry, 15 January)
49. Which outlaw was killed by Bob Ford?
Answer: Jesse James. (Neve Salter, 22 January)
50. Who was Tsar Nicholas II's youngest daughter?
Answer: Anastasia. (Neve Salter, 24 January)
51. In the Bible, whose parents were Zacharias and Elizabeth?
Answer: John the Baptist. (Neve Salter, 30 January)
52. What does a herpetologist study?
Answer: Reptiles and amphibians. (A win for Barry, 5 February)
53. In the United States, how many nickels would you get for a dime?
Answer: Two. (Neve Salter, 6 February)
54. What is a John Dory?
Answer: A fish. (Julie Salter, 7 February)
55. Which Scottish school did both the Duke of Edinburgh and his son Prince Charles attend?
Answer: Gordonstoun. (A win for Barry, 14 February)
56. What does a dermatologist study?
Answer: Skin. (Neve Salter, 16 February)
57. Which is the least used letter in the English language?
Answer: Sources vary: either Q or Z. (Julie Salter, 17 February)
58. Name the mythological character sentenced to fall in love with his own reflection as a punishment for his pride?
Answer: Narcissus. (Neve Salter, 18 February)
59. In 1908, Kenneth Graham, an English bank clerk, wrote a book which has become a children's classic. What was it called?
Answer: Wind in the Willows. (Julie Salter, 19 February)
60. It is sometimes called a gnu. What is its other name?
Answer: Wildebeast. (Julie Salter, 20 February)
61. When milk sours, what acid is formed?
Answer: Lactic acid. (Neve Salter, 27 March)
62. Two countries have been the most frequent hosts of the Winter Olympics. One is the United States; which is the other?
Answer: France. (Neve Salter, 28 March)
63. Which James Bond film starred Honor Blackman?
Answer: Goldfinger. (Neve Salter, 3 April)
64. Who was the author of Our Mutual Friend?
Answer: Charles Dickens. (A win for Barry, 12 April)
65. At the time of the French Revolution, what were tumbrels?
Answer: Horse-drawn wagons. (Neve Salter, 17 April)
66. Which American gangster was known as 'Scarface'?
Answer: Al Capone. (A win for Barry, 26 April)

Question 44
All of these clues have well-known names as the answer:-
1. Explorer of live rocks [5,11]
2. Records quick glances [6,5]
3. Italian songstress [8,11]
4. Place for prayer on a slope for statesman [7,9]
5. PM for moorland [6,5]
6. Car author [4,5]
7. Welsh actors place on Midland river [7,6]
8. Traveller with sore toe [4,6]
9. Actress making suits [3,6]
10. In a large Kensington seat [6,6]
11. Singing Lily [7]
12. Too good to hurry game [4,6]
13. Shelf for literary prize winner [6,6]
14. Actress appearing every evening [5,9]
15. Silver too fast to gather [8,4]
16. Englishman's home for red MP [7,6]
17. Hold on for hostage [5,5]
18. Early continental actress [4,6]
19. Interred scarlet boater [3,5,8]
20. Speedy coat fastening [6,6]
1. David Livingstone (Julie Salter, 3 June)
2. Samuel Pepys (10 June, declared a win for Barry!)
3. Florence Nightingale (Neve Salter, 11 June)
4. Winston Churchill (Julie Salter, 11 June)
5. Edward Heath (Julie Salter, 13 June)
6. Ford Madox (Neve Salter, 24 June)
7. Richard Burton (Julie Salter, 25 June)
8. John Bunyan (Julie Salter, 26 June)
9. Liz Taylor (Julie Salter, 27 June)
10. Prince Albert (Neve Salter, 28 June)
11. Madonna (Julie Salter, 30 June)
12. Andy Murray (Neve Salter, 1 July)
13. Hilary Mantel (Julie Salter, 2 July)
14. Keira Knightley (Julie Salter, 3 July)
15. Stirling Moss (18 July, declared a win for Barry!)
16. Barbara Castle (Julie Salter, 19 July)
17. Terry Waite (Neve Salter, 22 July)
18. Dawn French (Julie and Neve Salter, 23 July)
19. Sir Steve Redgrave (Julie Salter, 24 July)
20. Jenson Button (Julie Salter, 25 July)

Question 45
All of these clues have two word answers, both words beginning with the letter C:-
1. Top cop [5,9]
Chief Constable (Julie Salter, 5 September)
2. Bird strike [6,5]
Cuckoo clock (Julie and Neve Salter, 6 September)
3. Identical [6,4]
Carbon copy (Neve Salter, 9 September)
4. A nip on the bends [3,7]
Cut corners (Neve Salter, 10 September)
5. True picture [6,6]
Candid camera (Neve Salter, 13 September)
6. Kitchen aide [6,4]
Commis chef (Julie and Neve Salter, 15 September)
7. Dinner in the diner [11,8]
Chattanooga Choochoo (Neve Salter, 16 September)
8. Pull it [13,4]
Communication cord (Neve Salter, 19 September)
9. Use for a pin [6,4]
Credit card (Neve Salter, 20 September)
10. Getting hotter [7,6]
Climate change (Julie Salter, 22 September)
11. Pull it [9,7]
Christmas cracker (Julie Salter, 23 September)
12. Chalk [7,9]
Calcium carbonate (Julie Salter, 24 September)
13. Hot poultry [7,5]
Chicken curry (Julie Salter, 25 September)
14. Perfect [8,3]
Cheshire cat (A win for Barry!) 13 October)
15. Strictly Latin [3,3]
Cha cha (Julie Salter, 13 October)
16. Near miss [5,4]
Close call (Julie Salter, 14 October)
17. Silent star [7,7]
Charlie Chaplin (Julie Salter, 18 October)
18. Going west [11,8]
Christopher Colombus (Julie Salter, 23 October)
19. Lift off cape [4,9]
Cape Canaveral (Julie and Neve Salter, 24 October)

Question 46
All of these clues concern clothes, shoes, or fashion retailers:-
1. Good H…… [5]
Evans (A win for Barry, 27 February)
2. Small rug for man with a key [7]
Matalan (Neve Salter, 2 March)
3. It follows[4]
Next (Neve Salter, 6 March)
4. Appeared fashionably after WW2 [3,4]
New Look (Julie Salter, 7 March)
5. Rainfall [7]
Monsoon (Julie Salter, 9 March)
6. Over the rainbow to get something free in pubs [7,7]
Dorothy Perkins (Neve Salter)
7. Office workers [6]
Clarks (Neve Salter, 11 March)
8. Not on a fraternal moving stone [4,4]
Moss Bros (Neve Salter, 12 March)
9. Yorkshire cheese lover [6]
Wallis (Neve Salter, 14 March)
10. In the beginning three kings make a Xmas [1,1,3]
TKMax (A win for Barry, 22 March)

Question 47
Colour Codings: the answers are all single colours or shades:-
1. Jealous [5]
Green. (Julie Salter, 28 April)
2. Splurge [4]
Blue. (Julie Salter, 29 April)
3. Books are [3]
Red. (Julie Salter, 30 April)
4. Studies [5]
Brown. (Julie Salter, 1 May)
5. Shout with pain [6]
Yellow. (Julie Salter, 2 May)
6. Mobile [6]
Orange. (Julie Salter, 5 May)
7. Welsh knight [6]
Cerise (Sir Rhys!). (A win for Barry, 13 May)
8. Spoil nothing not off [6]
Maroon. (Julie Salter, 14 May)
9. Injury site rented out [7]
Scarlet. (Julie Salter, 15 May)
10. Hi ho [6]
Silver. (A win for Barry, 24 May)
11. Miss Connolly leads 22nd. letter [5]
Mauve. (Julie Salter, 25 May)
12. Imperial shade [6]
Purple. (Julie Salter, 26 May)
13. Smack [3]
Tan. (Julie Salter, 27 May)
14. Happy cat has got it [5]
Cream. (Julie Salter, 28 May)
15. Sixth along in a celestial arc [6]
Indigo. (Julie Salter, 29 May)
16. Sounds like a TV brand [3,4]
Sky blue. (Julie Salter, 3 June)
17. Senior Service [4,4]
Navy blue. (Julie Salter, 4 June)
18. For letters [9,3]
Pillarbox red. (Julie Salter, 5 June)
19. Stoned or stuffed [5,5]
Olive green. (Julie Salter, 6 June)
20. Nelson's foe [6,4]
French blue. (Julie Salter, 8 June)
21. Wintry [4,5]
Snow white. (Julie Salter, 9 June)
22. Caged [6,6]
Canary yellow. (Julie Salter, 10 June)
23. Gem [7,5]
Emerald green. (Julie Salter, 11 June)
24. Spring harbinger [8,6]
Daffodil yellow. (Julie Salter, 14 June)
25. Tell tales! [5,5]
Grass green. (A win for Barry, 21 June)
26. Deplorable! [8,4]
Shocking pink. (Julie Salter, 22 June)
27. Kentish crop [6,3]
Cherry red. (Julie Salter, 23 June)

Question 48
Some "pot luck" quiz questions to keep us going whilst Barry prepares some more questions. We try to avoid questions that may be answered using Google, etc., but these are, so you're on your honour not to!
1. In medicine, what is known as a 'magic bullet'?
Answer: A drug that will attack only unhealthy cells. (Julie Salter, 31 May)
2. What name is given to a baby whale?
Answer: A calf. (Julie Salter, 1 June)
3. Which fictional aviator had friends called Ginger and Algy?
Answer: Biggles. (Neve Salter, 2 June)
4. How do frogs catch flies?
Answer: They have sticky tongues. (Julie Salter, 24 June)
5. Only one American state has a name beginning with 'L'? Name it.
Answer: Louisianna. (Julie Salter, 25 June)
6. For which film and television role is Leonard Nimoy best known?
Answer: Mr. Spock. (Julie Salter, 26 June)
7. What is measured by the truss?
Answer: Hay or straw. (Neve Salter, 27 June)
8. In the book by James Hilton, what was the profession of 'Mr Chips'?
Answer: Schoolmaster. (Julie Salter, 29 June)
9. The national flag of the Netherlands bears which three colours?
Answer: Red, white and blue. (Neve Salter, 30 June)
10. On which Island did the mutinous crew from the Bounty make their home?
Answer: Pitcairn. (Neve Salter, 1 July)
11. What is the name given to the killing of a brother?
Answer: Fratricide. (Neve Salter, 2 July)
12. In which film do Paul Newman and Robert Redford jump into a river holding hands?
Answer: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. (Julie Salter, 3 July)
13. What is the name given to a female deer?
Answer: Doe. (Julie Salter, 4 July)
14. Why was a young American girl, Karen Anne Quinlan, in the headlines in 1976?
Answer: She was in a coma and her parents fought a successful legal battle to have her removed from the ventilator. (A win for Barry, 12 July)
15. Who gave his name to the seventh month of the year?
Answer: Julius Caesar. (Julie and Neve Salter, 13 July)
16. What are the names of Princess Anne's two children?
Answer: Peter and Zara. (Neve Salter, 14 July)
17. Where would you find the Guggenheim museum?
Answer: New York (and Venice and Bilbao). (Julie and Neve Salter, 15 July)
18. What would you do with a Lee Enfield?
Answer: Shoot with it. (Neve Salter, 16 July)
19. The film "Gone with the Wind" was based on a novel by which author?
Answer: Margaret Mitchell. (Julie Salter, 19 July)
20. In Moscow, where does the Church of St. Basil stand?
Answer: Red Square. (Julie Salter, 20 July)
21. According to the proverb, what do too many cooks do?
Answer: Spoil the broth. (Julie Salter, 21 July)
22. Which saint is the patron of fishermen?
Answer: St. Peter. (Neve Salter, 25 July)
23. By what name is the author H.H. Munro better known?
Answer: Saki. (Neve Salter, 27 July)
24. Which was the first war to be photographed?
Answer: American Civil War. (4 August, a win for Barry)

Question 49
Continuing the colour theme from Question 47, all the following are books, songs, nursery rhymes, etc., all with a colour in the title.
1. Dark equine [5,6]
Answer: Black Beauty. (Julie Salter, 8 August)
2. Dozy ovine minder [6,3,4]
Answer: Little Boy Blue. (Julie Salter, 10 August)
3. Cloaked visitor [6,3,6,4]
Answer: Little red riding hood. (Julie Salter, 12 August)
4. Verdant low Welsh location [3,5,3,2,6]
Answer: How green was my valley. (Julie Salter, 13 August)
5. Fight result [3,6,5,4]
Answer: Two lovely black eyes. (Julie Salter, 16 August)
6. Kentish fliers [7,2,4,5,4,3,5,6,2,5]
Answer: There'll be blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover. (Julie Salter, 18 August)
7. Quercus decoration[3,1,6,6,5,3,3,3,4]
Answer: Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree. (Neve Salter, 19 August)
8. Under water home connected with insects [6,9]
Answer: Yellow submarine. (Julie Salter, 20 August)
9. 19th. century roses river dance [4,6]
Answer: Blue Danube. (Julie Salter, 21 August)
10. King's footwear [4,5,5]
Answer: Blue suede shoes. (Julie Salter, 22 August)
11. Atoll swimwear [6,5,3,6]
Answer: Yellow polka dot bikini. (Julie Salter, 24 August)
12. Festive Saint's means of propulsion [7,3,3,5,8]
Answer: Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. (Julie Salter, 25 August)

Question 50
Some more "pot luck" quiz questions to keep us going whilst Barry prepares more questions. We try to avoid questions that may be answered using Google, etc., but these are, so you're on your honour not to!
1. In the well-known saying, 'He who can, does; he who cannot....' does what?
Answer: Teaches. (Julie Salter, 26 August)
2. This port is known as the 'gateway to India'. What is it?
Answer: Bombay. (Neve Salter, 28 August)
3. Which are the two smallest continents?
Answer: Australia/Oceania and Europe. (Julie Salter, 31 August)
4. Who is considered to be the first of the classical economists?
Answer: Adam Smith. (Neve Salter, 1 September)
5. What does the name Antarctica mean?
Answer: Opposite the Arctic (or North). (Julie Salter, 2 September)
6. Which youth organisation held its first jamboree in 1920?
Answer: Boy Scouts. (Julie Salter, 3 September)
7. Name the 23 year old film star who died of suspected drug abuse in 1993.
Answer: River Phoenix. (A win for Barry, 6 September)
8. Who wrote 'a little learning is a dangerous thing'?
Answer: Alexander Pope. (Neve Salter, 9 September)
9. What is the Italian name for the city of Venice?
Answer: Venezia. (Julie Salter, 10 September)
10. Which zodiac sign has the symbol of the bull?
Answer: Taurus. (Julie Salter, 12 September)
11. A religious sect, which was founded in Ireland, moved to Devon, England, in 1831 and took its name from its new home. Name it.
Answer: Plymouth Brethren. (Julie Salter, 14 September)
12. In which American state is Fort Knox?
Answer: Kentucky. (Julie Salter, 17 September)
13. What is the more usual name for the polygraph?
Answer: Lie detector. (Neve Salter, 18 September)
14. Who was singer Cleo Laine's husband?
Answer: John (or Johnny) Dankworth. (Neve Salter, 19 September)
15. What is the name for the organism on which a parasite lives and feeds?
Answer: Host. (Julie Salter, 21 September)
16. Who was the first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity?
Answer: Constantine. (Neve Salter, 22 September)
17. Which is the only movable bone in the human skull?
Answer: Mandible or jawbone. (Julie Salter, 23 September)

Question 51
All of these clues have two, or three, word answers where the primary words start with the letter L.
1. Whatever happened to them?
Answer: Likely lads. (Julie Salter, 24 September)
2. Comedy finale.
Answer: Last laugh. (Julie Salter, 25 September)
3. Disappeared!
Answer: Lord Lucan. (Julie Salter, 27 September)
4. Lost receptacle.
Answer: Lucy Locket. (Julie Salter, 5 October)
5. Alternative altitude in Scotland.
Answer: Loch Lomond. (Neve Salter, 7 October)
6. Semi precious.
Answer: Lapis Lazuli. (Julie Salter, 8 October)
7. Before Crossing.
Answer: Look left. (Julie Salter, 11 October)
8. County Rep.
Answer: Lord Lieutenant. (Julie Salter, 12 October)
9. Untidy!
Answer: Litter lout. (Julie Salter, 13 October)
10. End limbs.
Answer: Last legs. (Julie Salter, 14 October)
11. Found at Tesco.
Answer: Loss leader. (Neve Salter, 15 October)
12. To keep.
Answer: Long life. (Julie Salter, 18 October)
13. I don't have to work here!
Answer: Labour of love. (A win for Barry, 25 October)
14. Pampered circuit.
Answer: Lap of Luxury. (Julie Salter, 28 October)

Question 52
Some more "pot luck" quiz questions to keep us going whilst Barry prepares more questions. We try to avoid questions that may be answered using Google, etc., but these are, so you're on your honour not to!
1. In which country is the Kimberley gold field?
Answer: Western Australia. (Julie Salter, 29 October)
2. What will never make a silk purse?
Answer: A sow's ear. (Julie Salter, 30 October)
3. Which world famous poet lived at Dove Cottage in Grasmere?
Answer: Wordsworth. (Julie Salter, 31 October)
4. In the 1993 film, Mrs Doubtfire, who plays the title role?
Answer: Robin Williams. (Julie Salter, 2 November)
5. On what type of business was the fortune of John F. Kennedy's family built?
Answer: Property ("Real estate"). (Neve Salter, 3 November)
6. Greenland has two official languages. One is Greenlandic; what is the other?
Answer: Danish. (Julie Salter, 4 November)
7. What is the distaff side of the family?
Answer: The female side. (Julie Salter, 7 November)
8. When is Lammas day?
Answer: August 1st.. (A win for Barry, 10 November)
9. Which company launched the 'Walkman'?
Answer: Sony. (Julie Salter, 11 November)
10. What type of acid is in bee stings?
Answer: Melittin (formic acid). (Julie and Neve Salter, 15 November)
11. In the song, the House of the Rising Sun was in which city?
Answer: New Orleans. (Julie Salter, 17 November)
12. What sport would you be watching if the New York Knickerbockers were playing?
Answer: Basketball. (Neve Salter, 19 November)
13. What word describes a doctor specialising in the medical problems of old age?
Answer: Geriatrician or geriatric physician. (Julie and Neve Salter, 20 November)
14. If you were making a wiener schnitzel, what meat would you buy?
Answer: Veal. (Julie Salter, 21 November)
15. 'The Mindbenders' were the backing group for which pop singer?
Answer: Wayne Fontana. (A win for Barry, 23 November)
16. In the Bible, whom did God tell 'Escape to the mountain, lest thou be consumed'?
Answer: Lot. (Julie Salter, 24 November)
17. Where was Princess Elizabeth when she learned that she had become Queen Elizabeth II?
Answer: Kenya. (Neve Salter, 25 November)
18. Which country's flag shows a white cross on a red background?
Answer: Switzerland. (Julie Salter, 26 November)
19. If you birthstone is turquoise, which is your birth month?
Answer: December. (A win for Barry, 27 November)
20. What nationality is golfer Gary Player?
Answer: South African. (Julie Salter, 28 November)
21. Who wrote the novel on which Benjamin Britten based his opera The Turn of the Screw?
Answer: Henry James. (Neve Salter, 1 December)
22. How many wisdom teeth does the average adult have?
Answer: Four. (Julie Salter, 2 December)
23. The United States has four mainland time zones. Three of them are Pacific, Mountain, and Eastern. What is the fourth?
Answer: Central. (Neve Salter, 5 December)
24. Which British racing driver has won the most Grand Prix races?
Answer: Jackie Stewart (actually he may well have been trumped by Lewis Hamilton now!). (Neve Salter, 10 December)
25. What is the name given to the moon that follows the Harvest Moon?
Answer: Hunter's Moon. (Julie Salter, 14 December)
26. On what date is Bastille day celebrated in France?
Answer: 14th. July. (Julie and Neve Salter, 15 December)
27. Which country gives a Christmas tree to Britain every year?
Answer: Norway. (Julie Salter, 16 December)
28. What race of nomadic people inhabit northern Scandinavia?
Answer: Lapps. (A win for Barry)

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