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National Fellowship News

Better News of the Pension Fund - It was reported to the Board of the Fellowship in August, and has since been confirmed in a Report for Members prepared by Aviva Staff Pensions, that the funding level of the scheme had improved considerably from 67% at 31 March 2009 to 85% at 31 March 2011.

A second item of good news for pensioners was the Company’s confirmation that pension increases will continue to be linked to the RPI for pension in excess of GMP. RPI stood at 5.6% in September and this was the increase for those Aviva pensioners with pension reviews due in January. This will comfort members who have thought about this in the light of the Government’s ongoing tussle with the Public Service unions about switching from RPI to the sometimes lower CPI index for their pensions. This has happened, of course, for Basic State Pension and GMP.

No Extras - You may have noticed in the Summer edition of In touch that the Fellowship Board had asked whether or not the ‘Aviva Extras’ which are open to staff are also available to pensioners. At it's meeting with the Company on 10 August the Board were told that the concession (for that is what it is, presumably) is only available to active employees participating in a salary exchange arrangement called ‘Aviva Flex’.

Travel Insurance - A discussion between the Board of the Fellowship and representatives of the Company about Travel Insurance established little more than that is is a multifaceted and complex issue. An article by Aviva’s Travel Underwriting team on the subject was promised and subsequently published in the Winter issue of In touch.

The Fellowship Board - The next meeting of the Board with the Company will take place in March 2012. If there is any issue that you would like our Chairman, Barry Summerfield, to take up on your behalf please write to him through this link